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Late at Tate: June 2015

Young people at a talk about Source Spotlight display at Tate Britain

Late at Tate: June 2015 Horizon

Dan Farrimond TeleText

Performance at Late at Tate: What Am I Looking At?

Late at Tate: June is the third event in the Speculate series and explores the theme of ‘transform’. Ultimately, speculative thinking can have a transformative, creative affects, and the programme will present new transformed ways of looking and thinking about art at Tate Britain and the Tate collection.


TeleText Block Party

Taylor Digital Studio

Remember Teletext? Drop in to the Taylor Digital Studio for a digital workshop lead by multimedia artist Dan Farrimond. Come and try your hand at teletext art, reinterpret Tate collection artworks as pixels using a bespoke Teletext maker or just experiment with the software’s more ‘advanced’ features such as hidden text and flashing graphics.

Tate Worlds: The Soul of the Soulless City

Room 1840

Delve into an imaginary virtual world inspired by Christopher Nevinson’s Futurist-style painting The Soul of the Soulless City. This is a chance to explore an exciting collaborative project between Tate and some of the best known Minecraft map builders. Come and see one of their creations as never before.


What Am I Looking At? Act 3: Trans-formidable


A grand finale of actions, props, choreography and noise transforming spaces in Tate Britain, devised collaboratively by Tate Collective London and artist Jenny Moore. The final act is a culmination of the performative experiments played out in the galleries, Duveens and stairways by a group of performers and the Roundhouse Experimental Choir - begging the question: how do we behave in this space? Participation encouraged.

London Laureates

Room 1990
18.00–18.10, 19.00–19.10, 20.00–20.10, 21.00–21.10

Poets from the all-female shortlist for Spread the Word's Young Poet Laureate for London 2014 respond to Tracey Emin's My Bed and accompanying works surrounding the installation. Featuring Ella Frears, Rachel Long, Laurie Bolger and Clare Mulley.


Reprezent Radio

Clore Garden
18.00–21.15 (panel discussion at 19.30)

The underground sound of young London including Jodeci, Jeremiah, Jason and Nick from Reprezent Radio DJs and presenters with live performances from Lady Lykez and Kenny Allstar, Blizzard, Che Lingo and Drew Bakes, all broadcast live across London on 107.3FM from Tate Britain. Also Reprezent’s Mim Shaikh will host a panel discussion debating the future of youth art provision in London the light of the current economic climate with special guests including Karla Sweet (BBC 1Xtra and Arts Emergency) and young people from Reprezent Radio.


North Duveens
18.00–20.30 Audiovisual installation
20.30–21.20 Live performance

A choreographed mix of light, sound and performance to create an ethereal, immersive and dreamlike environment from NONOTAK Studio a collaborative project of architect and musician Takami Nakamoto and illustrator Noemi Schipfer.


Dan Farrimond: From 1910 to 198X


Multimedia artist Dan Farrimond presents Tate collection artworks reworked as Teletext, the now defunct television information service. It wasn’t until 1998, when Farrimond first travelled via aeroplane, that he discovered the country wasn’t actually made up of blocky pixels as shown on the Teletext weather map. Ironically, that holiday was also booked on teletext. Commissioned by Tate Collective London.

Pixelate 1910

Room 1910

See a curated selection of submissions from the Pixelate 1910 open call for submission, which invited the public to transform selected Tate collection works from Room 1910 using pixel art techniques.


Freedom and Intelligence in the Age of Algorithms


Join an ongoing discussion lead by theorist Dr. James Trafford and artist Luke Pendrell, exploring the intersections of contemporary philosophy, media theory and contemporary art practice. With Ray Brassier, Luciana Parisi, Reza Negarestani (via Skype).

Free on a first come first served basis, tickets from 18.00 at the Clore Foyer

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