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Late at Tate Britain Dystopian Narratives

The perfect opportunity for the curiously minded to explore the gallery after hours

What does the new creative landscape for Londoners look like? Using Jacob More’s work, The Deluge, as inspiration, we are looking at what the future will become when shaped by these collective minds.

Late at Tate Britain is a gathering space for experimentation and idea generation inspired by displays and exhibitions. It is an ongoing research project currently developed and delivered by Tate Collective Producers.

Tate Britain

Duveen Galleries

London SW1P 4RG
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Date & Time

6 March 2020 at 18.00–21.30

Late at Tate Britain takes place on the first Friday of every month (except January)


Realism Bar, 18.00–21.30 1840s Room

Beer Bar, 18.00–21.30 Manton Foyer

Street Food, 18.00–21.00 Djanogly Café

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