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Late at Tate Britain: October 2014 Made in Transition

Late at Tate October 2014 The Aleph

Late at Tate October 2014 Islet

Late at Tate Britain: October 2014 part wild horses mane on both sides

The act of moving between is explored in an evening of audio-visual performances, sound installations and transformations. Curated by Chimera Productions, this Late at Tate is a collaboration with the PRS for Music Foundation’s New Music Plus… programme.

Featuring sonic adventurers Islet in a high-energy performance of their new album Released By The Movement, leftfield pop artist Ela Orleans in collaboration with experimental film-maker Maja Borg, Bristol-based electronic producer Vessel in a new audio-visual collaboration with the Immix Ensemble and Sam Wiehl, Manchester improvisers part wild horses mane on both sides, pop reconstructivists The Aleph and soprano Sarah Dacey in a unique realisation of music by Alejandro Viñao.

Late at Tate follows the half-day conference Sound, music, visual: producing the interdisciplinary.

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Conduit of the bottomless submundane
part wild horses mane on both sides

Grand Saloon, 18.00–21.30

This durational performance-installation by Manchester based improvisers and sound artists creates a deep listening environment through a combination of free improvisation, electro-acoustic composition and musique concrète.

Sonic Trail: Paul Lansky


Experience a selection of artworks whilst listening to the American composer’s landmark trio of 'chatter' pieces: Idle Chatter, just_more_idle_chatter and notjustmoreidlechatter.

The Arrival circa 1913, Christopher Richard Wynne Nevinson, 1910 room
Erasmus Variations 1958, R.B.Kitaj, 1950 room
The Crowd circa 1915, Wyndham Lewis, 1915 room
Triptych – August 1972 1972, Francis Bacon, 1960 room
Break Point 1998, Fiona Banner, 1990 room

A limited number of headsets are available from the Manton information desk from 18.00.

The Good Eater
The Aleph

Clore Studio, 18.30–19.00, 19.30–20.00 and 20.30–21.00

Pop reconstructivists The Aleph perform a film and music work exploring concepts of childhood, memory and the filters that we apply with retrospection.

Tickets available on a first-come, first-served basis from 18.00 at the Manton information desk

DJ Set: Ben Hauke

1840 room, 18.30–18.45, 19.30–20.00 and 20.30–20.45

The beat-maker from South East London presents a series of DJ sets with an arsenal of samples, loops and prepared vinyl.

Ela Orleans & Maja Borg

1840 room, 18.45–19.30

Leftfield pop artist Ela Orleans and experimental film-maker Maja Borg present the London debut of their recent music and film work that explores psychological space and the position of female artists within contemporary electronic music.

Immix Ensemble, Vessel & Sam Wiehl

1840 room, 20.00–20.30

Immix Ensemble and Vessel (Tri Angle Records) explore the relationship between acoustic and electronic instrumentation with an ensemble line-up of violin, electronically manipulated live saxophone and analogue modular synthesizer. The piece is performed to a film by Hive Collective’s Sam Wiehl, which sets out to explore the idea of transition between analogue and digital technology.


1840 room, 20.45–21.30

Islet is a band with a reputation for energetic live shows. They perform work from their second album Released By The Movement, a record about flux and change.

Hildegard’s Dream

Sarah Dacey and Alejandro Viñao

Rotunda, 18.30–18.45, 19.45–20.00 and 21.30–21.45

The voice is transformed in this special performance composed by Alejandro Viñao. A study on the relationship between melody and timbre in a micro-tonal context, the piece is based on the visions of legendary composer, poet and religious figure of the Middle Ages, Hildegard von Bingen.

Transforming Sound

Discovering Hildegard’s Dream with Alejandro Viñao and Dominic Murcott

Manton Studio, 20.15–21.00

The composer Alejandro Viñao talks to Dominic Murcott, Head of Composition at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, about the process of transformation in his piece, Hildegard’s Dream.

Tickets available on a first-come, first-served basis from 18.00 at the Manton information desk.

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