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Tracey Moberly, Mam

Tracey Moberly, Parents

Soulful, Mural

Soulful, Live

Loud Tate

Stooki Sound

Shakka portrait

Speech Debelle

You are invited to join us on a spirited quest to explore questions of identity and belonging. Amidst pumping bass lines and crowd mayhem, LABEL will explore the one question that has intrigued mankind for centuries: “Who am I?”

LABEL features live acoustic performances with Q+A sessions from  Speech Debelle and Shakka, DJs Stööki Sound, plus installations and workshops with Soulful Creative.

Come and work with leading urban creatives on a giant collaborative piece that will transform the façade of Tate Britain, choose how to represent your super-talented self in a portrait taken by our photographer, join a guerrilla mosaics workshop to re-think emblems of Britishness or create a unique label that reflects who you really are with artist Chloe Cooper.

LABEL is curated by Tate Collective as part of the Great British Art Debate. What does Britishness mean to you? Join this audacious retort to stereotypical ideas about Britishness.

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Tate Britain

London SW1P 4RG
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Date & Time

24 November 2012 at 13.00–17.00