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Barbara Reise; Figures and Words in the Archive

Postcard to Barbara Reise from Lee Lozano, 2 November 1971. From the archive of Barbara Reise, TGA 786/5/4/26, Tate Archive: Groups and Subjects: Women's Art. Photograph © Tate 2016.  

For this Show and Tell, PhD researcher Karen Di Franco has invited the art historian and curator, Dr Jo Melvin to be in conversation about the life and work of Barbara Reise as described by the materials held in her archive. The conversation will use excerpts from the article ’Spinofferie’ written by Melvin about Reise for the journal The Happy Hypocrite to correspond and converge with items from the collection, creating points of connection for the speakers.

The force and intensity of Reise’s authorial voice as articulated through her published work and understood through her meticulously filed and thorough research, conversely presents an absence – of the bodily form – displaced by an array of documentation.  By seeking this corporeal absence, the speakers will discuss the effects of ‘being’ and re-telling, as agents within a collection.

Hosted by Karen di Franco PHD, Jo Melvin and Maxine Miller, Library Collections Manager.

Tate Britain


9 September 2016 at 12.30–13.30

9 September 2016 at 13.30–14.30