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Jo Addison and Natasha Kidd, 2014

A re-enactment of Lygia Clark’s performance Baba Antropofagica (Cannibalistic Saliva) originally performed in 1973, Tanks Summer School, 2012

We are delighted to announce that this year’s Summer School will be led by artists Jo Addison and Natasha Kidd. 

Noticer: Responsive to curiosity, interactions and things that emerge

Join artists, students, architects, physicists, specialists and non-specialists in the production of a live and continually changing resource; a generative, chaotic system that draws people, things and ideas to it.  

Artists Natasha and Jo have been working on the concept of the Live Resource. Born of the historical learning resource, usually a printed or web-based document to support access to art, this resource, not pre-written at the point of dispatch, is responsive to the interactions that occur between artists and guests. 

Generative and continually changing, Live Resource draws on the curiosity, expertise, and experience of all involved. 

For Summer School 2014, they will expand on this thinking to explore ways of looking that are responsive to curiosity, interactions and things that emerge. They will be working with the group, alongside invited experts to construct Noticer: a generative, chaotic system that draws people, things and ideas to it

The artists have begun to chart their ideas and findings in a blog.

About summer school

It has given me a huge amount of ideas to use, develop, recreate and introduce within my classroom for all year groups.
Summer School participant 2012

A week-long opportunity to actively reflect on current connections between contemporary practice and art education.

This five-day school is framed by the particular practice of an artist and their art form where it intersects with teaching practice and connects to Tate’s collection and exhibitions. Each year a new programme of practical and discussion-based workshops, curators’ talks and artist interventions, explore the possibilities for using Tate Modern as an exceptional resource for teachers. You are invited to contribute to an evolving conversation around new approaches to teaching and learning in the classroom.

The Summer School attracts an exciting group of teachers and artists from around the world to create a dynamic and memorable learning experience. Your classroom may never be the same again!

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Autumn School, 28–30 October 2013, 10.30–17.00
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Discount for teachers on Schools

Bursary places are available for teachers for Autumn School, Easter School and Summer School. Teachers are entitled to one bursary place a year on a first come first served basis. Each course will have five bursary places available.

We greatly value the opportunity to work with a diverse group of colleagues at Tate Summer School, including those visiting internationally. Conversation and discussion play an integral role in all Tate courses and so to ensure your enjoyment and maximise your experience it is essential that you are able to use and understand English well. Please do get in touch if you have any queries regarding this.

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