Yukinori Yanagi Pacific 1996

Yukinori Yanagi
Pacific 1996
© Yukinori Yanagi

Thresholds questions the uncertain boundaries of personal, geographical, political and cultural identities. The exhibition explores powerful themes including British identity, migration and the global effects of regional conflicts. 

Split into three sections, Thresholds displays works from the Tate collection. Stranger than Self explores how artists in the UK have responded to British identity in terms of its culture and history. Artists in this section raise questions about ‘quintessentially British’ notions of beauty and tranquillity, address the political nature of images constructed by mainstream media, and offer a wider context of contemporary Britain in its cultural expansion and inclusion. 

Shifting Boundaries looks at mobility and migration in relation to globalisation. From tourism to shared tastes, the impact of worldwide travel is explored in works by Martin Parr, Eugenio Dittborn and Pak Sheung Chuen.

Territories in the Making addresses the political implications of regional conflicts and their global effects. Highlights include Yukonori Yanagi’s subtle critique of European imperialism, Pacific 1996, and insights into a banal side of Palestinian daily life by Yael Bartana, in Kings of the Hill 2003.

Other artists featured in the exhibition include Hurvin Anderson, Keith Arnatt, Kadar Attia, Sophie Calle, Layla Curtis, Jimmie Durham, Peter Fischli, David Weiss, Gilbert & George, Simryn Gill, Thomas Hirschhorn, William Kentridge, George Shaw, Mark Titchner and Mark Wallinger.

Presented as part of Liverpool Biennial 2012.