Olivier Bardin

Olivier Bardin Exhibition Continues 2008 Installation view

Olivier Bardin
Exhibition Continues 2008
Installation view
Performance installation
© Olivier Bardin

The work of French artist Olivier Bardin examines the ways in which identity is constructed through perception, representation, and self-image. The starting point for Bardin’s work is the audience itself. He likens his work to a mirror which sets up a ‘confrontation’ in which the individual is positioned as both observed and observer. His work examines how the image we have of ourselves is informed by our own perception, as well as through the perception of others.

For The Fifth Floor Bardin will choreograph a performance installation activated by our interaction with others. The installation is filled with club armchairs, whose exacting positions are intended to enable audience members to experience and actively contribute towards a performance, which lasts the duration of the exhibition.