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J.D. XXVII.: Mixtapes of Keith Haring

Join us at LEAF on Bold Street for an evening of 1980s and early 1990s music

J.D. XXVII. is a 6 hour deep listening session to a selection of mixtapes that were made for Keith Haring by his friends and lovers, including Juan Dubose, Larry Levan and Nicola Guiducci. Made between 1984 and 1990, the tapes are comprised largely of disco, early house and New York garage. These mixtapes were gifted to Haring and played regularly in his studio. They contain the hisses, scratches and other artefacts of DIY analogue recordings kept and stored over a number of years. The mixtapes reflect a vital period in New York and Haring’s social and cultural milieu, originating in and indebted to queer and trans communities of colour. Their production traverses and halts abruptly during the critical years of the AIDS crisis. The event is intended as a devotional and meditative deep listening session, reflecting on this history of cultural production; love, care and loss.

This event is organised as part of Patrick Staff's residency supported by the Keith Haring Foundation.

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LEAF, 65-67 Bold Street, Liverpool. L1 4EZ

Royal Albert Dock Liverpool
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24 October 2019 at 19.00–midnight