He An Thirty Minutes 2007

He An
Thirty Minutes 2007
Video installation
© He An

He An is a young artist, a fact he is keen to emphasise, as if being ‘young’ is key to what his art represents: ‘It is my aim to arrive at a manner of expression that can reflect both myself as a young Chinese and the contemporary environment of China.’

The impetus behind He An’s work for The Real Thing was the death of his father in July 2006. He An had originally intended to explore the darker side of China’s recent astonishing economic growth, which his father’s demise had forced him to witness. In the final piece, however, he has chosen to produce two parallel works to reinforce the gravity and pervasiveness of the hardships suffered. Removing it from a purely subjective and personal experience, he has universalized the experience by focusing on a typical family from his neighbourhood, and their interaction with a local fortune-teller. By looking at two typical stories He An believes, ‘it is possible to say something about the fundamental essence of this society.’