Paul Almasy Louvre Paris 1942

Paul Almasy Louvre Paris 1942

This threat has prompted the creation of the exhibition An Imagined Museum: works from the Centre Pompidou, Tate and MMK collections, and an accompanying online version helping to guarantee the preservation of artworks we find important, inspiring and memorable.

Help us to remember great works of art by creating your own Imagined Museum

It could be a list of your favourite things from the exhibition, or art you find inspiring for your own work.

You can collate artworks that respond to An Imagined Museum’s themes around memory and the future. You can also add your own notes to each item you’ve added to your Imagined Museum – annotating them with your ideas or thoughts, about why each work deserves to be preserved and remembered for future generations.

Decide what works to group together to make your own Imagined Museum. Introduce other works in response to the exhibition, choosing from artworks displayed and the wider Tate collection.

Create your Imagined Museum


You can also add your own content.

You could upload content and your own memories in the form of artwork, or images you’ve taken around a particular theme. You can also embed images, video and audio from other sources (Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo or Soundcloud).

This means you can take a theme or idea from an artwork or artist in our collection, and respond to it in your own images, sound or video.


Publish your Imagined Museum so that our other visitors can see your ideas and enjoy a different perspective on the exhibition.

This is your Imagined Museum, one that says how you feel about art, and why it is worth preserving. Tag your creation with #ImaginedMuseum

Create your Imagined Museum