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You Feel Like a Threat, Don't You? Collaboration between Tate Collective Liverpool, artist Ruth Ewan and design team Åbäke

Tate Collective Liverpool have been working with artist Ruth Ewan and design collective Åbäke on a project about young people, their relationship to the city of Liverpool and the spaces they inhabit, exploring the nature of interactions in those spaces and places.

Entitled You Feel Like a Threat, Don't You? the work documents their experiences with anecdotes, sketches, interviews and photographs put together in the form of a manual or booklet. As a part of the project Tate Collective Liverpool will be based within the Office of Useful Art each Saturday, where they will bind and distribute the 32 page booklet as part of Art Turning Left

The title of the work relates to a conversation between Tate Collective Liverpool and Ruth Ewan, where they discussed how young people use, and relate to, the spaces which they inhabit:

Me and my friends were in a family park near my house, we were only young, like 13? 14? And we’re not that intimidating, I mean, look at me! We were just hanging around on the roundabout and there were another family there. I don’t know, I definitely felt like the scary teenagers in the park, like ‘stay away from them’ or something. I don’t know, I felt in the way, a bit of an inconvenience, like, you feel like a threat, don’t you? Not like I’m threatening, but I felt a bit like they thought I might be, like a bother to them or something.

This ongoing discussion explores the idea of where young people belong. Where are there spaces allocated for young people within the city? Why are the spaces that young people choose to inhabit so often given negative connotations? Where are the young people supposed to go? And why are we trying so hard to ‘keep them off the streets’?

Tate Liverpool

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8 November 2013 – 2 February 2014

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