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Warhol After Dark: Live Performances Kassem Mosse//Beatrice Dillon//Modern Polymath//Tate Collective

Kassem Mosse Warhol After Dark

Beatrice Dillon Warhol After Dark

Modern Polymath Queen Maud Warhol After Dark

Warhol After Dark Last Chance To See

Enjoy live performances after hours! Tate Collective Liverpool has curated an evening of live performance in response to Transmitting Andy Warhol.

Performance times

20.15 - 21.45 Kassem Mosse and Beatrice Dillon, 4th floor

19.30 - 22.00 Pause D.Js, Tate café

18.30 - 19.30 Beatrice Dillon, Tate café

18.15 - 19.15 Modern Polymath present Queen Maud and In Gehenna, 4th floor

You will require tickets to Transmitting Andy Warhol to see the performances on the 4th floor as they are taking place within the exhibition space. Tate operate timed ticketing to all exhibitions to manage capacity. To avoid disappointment, we advise visitors wishing specifically to see Modern Polymath to pre-purchase a ticket  for Saturday 07 February at 18:00 as visitors with a ticket for 18:00 will be given priority entry to this performance.  Unfortunetly tickets for Kassem Mosse and Beatrice Dillon's joint performance only are now sold out.  Only visitors with a ticket for 20:00 will gain entry to this performance.

Tate Collective x Modern Polymath (In Gehenna and Queen Maud)


Fourth Floor Concourse

Responding to the theme of transmission, Modern Polymath and Tate Collective are collaborating on a ‘Total Art’ event as a response to the current exhibition of artworks by Andy Warhol and Gretchen Bender at Tate Liverpool

Sharing a practise similar to Warhol, In Gehenna will be performing a set of new tracks produced by implementing repetitions, sequences and layering of music. Taking on Warhol’s love for duality and contradictions, In Gehenna uses music to pair urbane beats with dark undertones.

Queen Maud, like Bender, explores dark and manipulated imageries with the human body as their main focus. Through music, Queen Maud compose deconstructed elements into a unified piece which reflects on the arrangements of images used in Bender’s work.

Tate Collective is a team of cultural producers under the age of 25 who often work in collaboration with other creative to produce events at the gallery. Modern Polymath is a Liverpool based record label formed by local creative talents. The multi-faceted group started with the aim to create a platform for all producers of artistic work to inspire, collaborate and create art in a reciprocal manner.;

Beatrice Dillon


Tate Café

London-based composer and musician, Beatrice Dillon brings her playful electo mixtapes and original scores to Warhol After Dark. Her music strikes a unique balance - the sound is impeccably and carefully considered, precise, and emotionally weighted, whilst at the same time managing to assume an air of complete freedom and full blown experimentation. 

Beatrice regularly collaborates with visual artists and has previously performed at the Lisson Gallery and Southbank

Pause D.J.

19.30 – 21.45

Tate Café

While you sip away on a Marilyn Monroe cocktail local duo Pause D.J’s will provide a range of funk, soul and disco to please the ears.

Tate Collective x Kassem Mosse and Beatrice Dillon **SOLD OUT**

20.15 – 21.45

Fourth Floor Concourse

Headlining Warhol After Dark, Kassem Mosse will bring his experimental and critically acclaimed sound to the gallery. Named by critics as ‘one of the most vital artists in electronic music’, Kassem Mosse is someone who has an international reputation of pushing abstract, diverse, unfamiliar sound.

Following her earlier performance in the café, Beatrice Dillon will join Mosse to close the Warhol After Dark with a one-off set which will fuse their experimental sounds.

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Date & Time

7 February 2015 at 17.30–22.00