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LOOK/17: UK/China Cultural Exchange I

John Aitken

© Institute of Urban Dreaming

Explore urbanism and exchange through the changing face of the city in China

This is the first of two programmes by Open Eye Gallery for LOOK/17 (Liverpool International Photography Festival) which will explore urbanism and exchange through photography.

Throughout the week LOOK/17 are joined by John van Aitken and Jane Brake of the Institute of Urban Dreaming (IUD) - A Temporary Research Space installed at Tate Exchange Liverpool for the public to engage and interact. Join IUD to explore a collection of photographs, books, articles and videos, about the dispossessions and displacements behind the visual drama of China’s hyper urbanization. IUD’s Temporary Research Space is designed by Tim Denton and funded by Grants for the Arts. 

This event is programmed by Open Eye Gallery in association with LOOK/17 and is part of the week long event LOOK/17: UK/China Cultural Exchange I.

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7–13 April 2017