Room 10 presents a retrospective within a retrospective exhibition: it shows a variety of works on paper that Martin created between 1952 and 2004. The small, untitled ink drawing from 2004 is her very last work.

Working on paper was an important part of Martin’s practice. This was particularly the case during the early 1960s as part of her ‘journey to the grid’ when Martin drew a variety of shapes and marks, often exploring the same motif in different configurations. The grid emerged as a dominant element simultaneously in her drawing and painting. All her works on paper are notable for the delicacy of her line and the tremor of slight inconsistencies which convey a sense of optical vibration. The luminous bands of pastel-coloured wash in Martin’s later watercolour works are reminiscent of her paintings in Room 7.

Titles such as Summer or The Peach might be seen to allude to the beauty of nature as a source of inspiration. Martin believed in art as a realm of transcendent experience, much like nature itself.