Francis Alys A Story of Deception exhibition banner

In this touching animation a woman pours water from one glass into another over and over again, ‘doing without doing’, as Alÿs has said. She is accompanied by a lilting song whose words ‘Mañana, mañana’ (‘tomorrow, tomorrow’) suggest at once perpetual procrastination and continuing hope for the future. One of Alÿs’s gentlest works, this animation nevertheless echoes many of the questions raised throughout the exhibition. What is life like in a society where efforts seem to lead to nothing and where change is put off until tomorrow? Conversely, what might it mean to abandon the goals of achievement and efficiency? Song for Lupita 1998 seems to address Alÿs’s way of working, his aversion to concepts of finish and development, and his preference for ongoing processes of revision and reconsideration.