Los Angeles is a ‘minority majority’ metropolis. Half its residents are Latinos (three times the US average), and over 10% of Asian descent. Only 30% identify themselves as Anglophone white. About 40% were born outside the United States – nearly four times the national average.

Some of the city’s ethnic groups congregate in specific sections of the city such as Korea Town, Boyle Heights (Chicanos) and Glendale (Armenians), but most neighbourhoods host a mix of races. The city’s political representation reflects this diversity, though some friction remains.

Los Angeles is home to some of the wealthiest people in the world, but more than 20% of its families live in poverty. Most workers are employed in business and services, but Los Angeles also maintains a solid industrial base. The unemployed tend to congregate in former industrial areas, with newer concentrations emerging in aging suburbs and high-growth peripheral areas.