Juan Muñoz Towards the Shadow 1998

Juan Muñoz
Towards the Shadow 1998
As installed at Site Santa Fe
Private collection © The estate of Juan Muñoz
Photo: courtesy Marion Goodman Gallery

Muñoz touched on themes of violence and disaster throughout his work, from his early images of burning balconies to works such as Loaded Car II 1996, which suggests the aftermath of a crash. Although at first glance it resembles an abandoned wreck, the vehicle seems to contain the streets and stairways of a miniature world. The work was part of Streetwise 1998, an installation that Muñoz made for Site Santa Fe, New Mexico, which consisted of a complex, multi-levelled urban environment created by the artist.

This is reflected literally through another element of Streetwise: the photographic image of Towards the Shadow 1998 is a magnification of a street scene in which a car is glimpsed. The single figure is also magnified by a shadow it casts on the wall, which looms over him like a monstrous alter-ego.