Forced Entertainment

Forced Entertainment Quizoola! durational work, 1996

Forced Entertainment

durational work, 1996
Commissioned by ICA Live Arts and National Review of Live Art 1996
Photo © Hugo Glendinning, 2002

Forced Entertainment 12am: Awake and Looking Down

Forced Entertainment
12am: Awake and Looking Down
Photo © Manuel Vason, 2002

12am: Awake and Looking Down

First performed in 1993, 12am occupies a territory beyond ‘theatre performance’. Looking at identity as a shifting, contradictory site, over seven hours five silent performers endlessly reinvent their identities using cardboard signs to name themselves and a vast store of jumble sale clothing.


Quizoola! is a live negotiation of what is real and what is performed and the need for knowledge, certainty and definition through language. In a marathon game three performers interrogate each other with a text of 2000 questions ranging from pop trivia to personal secrets and twisted philosophical searches.

Video Work

A programme of video works by Forced Entertainment’s artistic director Tim Etchells and longtime collaborator photographer, Hugo Glendinning. Videos include Starfucker, Down Time and Kent Beeson is a Classic & an Absolutely New Thing.

Over the last 18 years, Sheffield based Forced Entertainment have created work that smashes all conventions. Innovative in form and subversive in content, recent projects include CD-Roms, video installations and theatre performances including Void Spaces (Site Gallery 2000), Who Can Sing A Song To Unfrighten Me (LIFT 1999) and Filthy Words and Phrases (NOW Festival 1998).

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