At the moment my art is situated between the pornographic
tendency to reveal everything and the erotic inclination to
hide what it’s all about.

Marlene Dumas 1986

In the late nineties Dumas devoted a period of time to the dynamic between the naked figure in art, pin-ups and pornography, exploring the great variety that can be found in the nude female, and later male, form. By working from mass produced images rather than from life Dumas retains what she calls the ‘amoral touch’ that she considers very important in the creation of a work.

The works in this room explore intimate and public displays of the naked body using different media to different effect. The possibilities of each medium are appealing for Dumas who has said, ‘being married to oil painting, it’s a relief to have a much more irresponsible affair with watercolours.’ The display of the nude or eroticised body can be considered a metaphor for the experience of the artist submitting their work for inspection.