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Koji Masterclass

Marcus Shimizu

Join us for lunch and a Koji masterclass with Markus Shimizu

What is koji? Koji is a little mould that can transform any organic material. There would be no Japanese cuisine as we know it without koji: no soy sauce, no miso or sake. It can be used in traditional ways to make Japanese condiments or in creative processes to create surprising new flavors and textures.

Feeling koji-curious? In this workshop you will make a Shio Koji paste to take home and start your own culinary experiments -use to cook, marinate or ferment at home. You will sample artisanal miso and soy sauce, both traditional and experimental ones, as well as koji fermented pickles.

Lunch Specials

Miso Avocado Butter with Bread
Smoked Shoyu Kasu Pickles
Cucumber tossed in Sangohachi
Salad with Miso or Soba Shio Koji dressing
Miso Caramel on Vanilla ice


Markus Shimizu

Markus Shimizu was born in Japan and has explored healthy and delicious food since his childhood. More than ten years ago, he started fermenting foods. While discovering the world of fermentation, Markus experienced firsthand how simple ingredients such as soybeans and rice can develop highly complex and delicious flavours like miso or soy sauce: this is what you could call the 'magical encounter with umami through fermentation'.

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Date & Time

10 August 2019 at 10.00–11.30