Grenville Davey Untitled 2003

Grenville Davey
© the artist

This is a Monotype print, in which the image is first of all drawn out on a sheet of acetate, and this sheet is then used to produce printed copies.

In responding to a request to produce a drawing for blind and partially sighted people, the artist has made an image of a hand. The drawing could be displayed either way up, so the fingers could be pointing downwards as if feeling a touchable surface, or alternatively with the fingers pointing upwards in the gesture of an open hand. Only part of the hand has been realised: we can see the thumb, forefinger and part only of the next. You are invited to place your hand in the partially completed outline in order to complete the picture.

The main focus of Grenville Davey’s work is on drawing. He is currently working on a series of drawings for regenerating Barnsley town centre in which he has drawn outlines for plans from which detailed designs will ensue.