Thérèse Oulton Light Reading

Thérèse Oulton
Light Reading

© the artist

This work consists of three panels: one large central image, with a smaller fragmentary image on each side, like a film strip on which you can see the edges of other frames that have been cut off. All three sections include a series of slightly hazy shapes, like a reflection seen in water. The large central part is filled with a circular shape, which looks like sunlight filtering through water, or light filtering through clouds. A series of bright oval shapes form a ring around what appears to be a shaft of light coming downwards. The smaller panels on either side include different shapes, almost reminiscent of flowers, but these too are unclear. They seem to be floating, perceived through a thick mist or the surface of a pond. Oulton has described this work as representing ‘the dissolving of form under the intensity of light’, showing light as blinding as well as illuminating. It was originally made with watercolour, then made into a print using silkscreen.