Alison Wilding Hum In Space 2003

Alison Wilding
Hum In Space
© the artist

This is a drawing of a view through an aperture. The linear shape is a kind of a keyhole through which we can see a cluster of little studs. These are derived from the shape of the little hard green stars on top of an orange, the bit where stalk would have attached. They are arranged into a sort of a constellation pattern. The dome shape of the top of this object also looks a bit like the shape of an orange.

The lines of the drawing also form other shapes. The parts on the right look a bit like a bird’s beak. The lines in the lower part of the drawing look like a bird’s neck. Overall, the aperture shape even looks like a priest’s hat, with a shallow dome and a wide broad brim.

All sorts of visual objects are referred to in this drawing, which purposefully has no narrative.