Silvia Ziranek Pink Shoes Are Better 2003

Silvia Ziranek Pink Shoes Are Better 2003
© the artist

This is an arrangement of hearts and shoes with the title of the drawing spelled out in eccentric block capital letters on its right hand side.

Occupying the left hand third of the space there is a cluster of five love-hearts of slightly different sizes and shapes, each containing a concentric pattern of more hearts.

In the centre of the drawing there are two shoes. The shoe on top is drawn from sideways on, it has a stiletto heel and a chisel toe. The other shoe is drawn from above and is very narrow in the middle, widening at either end. Both shoes are entirely decorated with hearts.

The Artist’s initials SZ are in the bottom right hand corner, and the composition is framed in a continuous row of small hearts some of which are dripping - tears or blood?

Silvia Ziranek is very interested in feet and footwear as feet are the basis for physical existence. As a student she would clothe feet in myriad ways, concocting unlikely items of footwear. Her art is also about the architecture of the soul and encompasses performance, poetry and the spoken word, scale, colour, autonomy, humility, diligence, flamboyance, ability and stacking.