Richard Deacon Untitled 2003

Richard Deacon
Untitled 2003
© the artist

This drawing is of a circular woven mesh of lines. The central part of the drawing contains a series of twisting ribbon-like lines crossing over each other to make an irregular diamond pattern. Around this shape is a twisting woven pattern of two lines and finally around the entire outer area of the drawing there is a mesh of fine lines.

Richard Deacon is perhaps best known as a sculptor. He uses a lot of different materials in his work on order to explore their qualities; for example he has made long woven tunnels out of bent strips of plywood, he has made tank-like constructions which look at the properties of sheet and welded metal, and he has worked with ceramics to produce large glazed pieces which show off the colours and textures of the transformations of minerals that take place in the heat of the kiln.

This drawing looks a bit like a representation of a lumpy round object and the lines which cross it divide it into sections which give it depth and movement. It also looks like basket-weaving, or a knotted net structure.