Antony Gormley How? 2002

Antony Gormley
© the artist

In this watercolour drawing two human figures stand opposite each other on a black ground against a white sky. They are silhouettes or shadows but the simple set of brushstrokes which form their elements give us enough information to deduce that they are probably men, and that they are greeting each other in a kind of an Ave salute.

The title of the picture is How. It gives the picture a deep questioning mood that elevates the subject into the realm of the spiritual or philosophical. We use tiny little words like this to open up great introspective dilemmas as we question the human condition. It is as if the title of the work is so profound and so simple that to stand and try to discuss it becomes trivial.

Antony Gormley is primarily a sculptor, one of his most famous works being The Angel Of The North in Gateshead.