Susanna Heron Untitled 2003

Susanna Heron
© the artist

This drawing relates to drawings the artist made for 36 Elements Glass wall in 2001 – a 50 ft high glass wall in Tokyo containing 36 glass panels each with a deeply sandblasted and etched image. The freehand drawings were made with a brush and opaque black Indian ink at half scale. Some of the drawings grew from a centre – this drawing for Raised Awareness contains the first two forms in a spiral growth, although the forms are drawn as ellipses they look more like circles in perspective. In this drawing they have been joined together to make an object.

The object is placed fairly arbitrarily on the page in the same way that a photograph or a window crops a view from an endless space.- or indeed a focus through a lens. Susanna Heron thinks of her drawings as ‘found objects’, They are changed by the context in which they are seen.

The drawings were made with a three dimensional relief in mind – in glass or slate – and therefore to manipulate light. How do you think they work in the 3-dimensional relief of raised images?