Roger Ackling Untitled 2003

Roger Ackling
© the artist

This artwork takes the form of a sheet of paper on which is written, in hand-drawn capital letters, THIS DRAWING IS NOT MADE WITH SUNLIGHT. It accompanies a second sheet on which a series of parallel black lines are drawn out.

The paper has then been crumpled by hand and is displayed slightly unfolded so that we can see the parallel lines through the folds and undulations of the crumpled paper.

The simple act of crumpling the paper turns it from a flat and conventional ink-on-paper drawing, into a three-dimensional miniature landscape.

The message, and the landscape of lines, though partially obscured by the crumpling process, indicates again that the creative act of producing a drawing does not have to be about reproducing a sunlit scene or subject. Here, light is used in another way to investigate and demonstrate the often overlooked texture of a crumpled paper surface.