Roni Horn aka Roni Horn exhibition banner

Roni Horn (born New York, 1955) began making art in the mid-1970s and has been exhibiting internationally for over 30 years. Her work is extremely diverse and this exhibition includes drawings, books, photographic installations and sculptures. Each room brings together works made in different media from different periods of Horn’s career. Works in some rooms echo with paired works in later rooms.

At the heart of Horn’s practice is an approach to identity that sees it as mutable and multiple rather than as single and fixed. ‘Identity is a river’, Horn once said. She relates this to the idea of androgyny: ‘Androgyny is the possibility of a thing containing multiple identities. Integrating difference is the basis of identity, not the exclusion of it. You are this and this and that.’ Her interest in multiplicity is evident in the diversity of her work and borne out in particular pieces such as photographs that look at the complex nature of water, or sculptures whose identity shifts with time and movement. Another related concern is place: Horn is interested in places that are often themselves mutable, in the process of ‘becoming’.

While many artists of her generation explore identity politics and geography through representation and depiction, Horn’s ideas about identity and place emerge through the viewer’s encounter with her works. ‘I want to make the meaning of a work people’s experience of it’, she has said. The viewer plays an active role as their experiences unfold.