During the First World War, the Delaunays felt cut off from the Parisian avant-garde. From Madrid, however, they made contact with Tristan Tzara and other leading figures in the Dada movement, based in Zurich.

While some in Paris had initially given the Delaunays a frosty reception after their prolonged absence, they were welcomed by the Dadaists. Sonia designed costumes for their performances, bookbindings for their poems, and decorated the Dadaist bookshop Au Sans Pareil in Neuilly.

In a similar spirit to her earlier collaboration with Blaise Cendrars, she produced a series of dress-poems, incorporating words by avant-garde poets such as Tzara, Vicente Huidobro and the Russian Futurist Iliazd, as well as a curtain-poem with Philippe Soupault.

Among her other ventures into the performing arts, she designed costumes and sets for René Le Somptier’s 1926 film serial Le P’tit Parigot (The Little Parisian).