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Nobuyoshi Araki (born 1940 Tokyo, lives in Tokyo)
From the book dummy Tokyo, twenty-eight pages 1973
Plate 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10
Each montage with two photographs on cardboard, 50 x 40 cm
Pinakothek der Moderne, Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlung, Munich

Peter Hujar (1934 Trenton, New Jersey – 1987 New York)
Ethyl Eichelberger as Auntie Bellum, 1979, 50.8 x 40.6 cm
Ethyl Eichelberger as Nefertiti, Standing, 1978, 50.8 x 40.6 cm
Courtesy the Peter Hujar Archive and Matthew Marks Gallery, New York

Samuel Fosso (1962 Cameroon, lives in Bangui, Central African Republic)
From a series of Self-Portraits
Untitled, 1976, 15.9 x 15.9 cm
Untitled (Sitting), 1976, 15.9 x 15.9 cm
Untitled (Standing with hand on chin), 1976, 15.9 x 15.9 cm
Courtesy of Jack Shainman Gallery, New York

Robert Mapplethorpe (1946 New York – 1989 Boston)
Lisa Lyon, 1982, 40.6 x 50.8 cm
Joe, NYC,1978, 40.6 x 50.8 cm
© Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation. Used by Permission.

Francis Alÿs (1959 Antwerp, lives in Mexico City)
Sleepers, 1999–2006, 80 x 35 mm slides, carousel projection
Courtesy the artist and David Zwirner, New York

Richard Avedon (1923 New York – 2004 San Antonio, Texas)
The Chicago Seven: Lee Weiner, John Froines, Abbie Hoffman, Rennie Davis, Jerry Rubin, Tom Hayden, Dave Dellinger, Chicago, September 25, 1969, 1969, 25.4 x 53.3 cm
Andy Warhol and members of The Factory: Paul Morrissey, director; Joe Dallesandro, actor; Candy Darling, actor; Eric Emerson, actor; Jay Johnson, actor; Tom Hempertz, actor; Gerard Malanga, poet; Viva, actor; Paul Morrissey; Taylor Mead, actor; Brigid Polk, actor; Joe Dallesandro; Andy Warhol, artist, New York, October 30, 1969
Courtesy The Avedon Foundation, New York, and Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco

Hashem El Madani/Studio Shehrazade (1928 Saida, Lebanon, lives in Saida)
From a series Palestinian Resistants, 1968–72
Four reprints, uncropped, from the 6 x 6 and 35 mm negative from 2006, 30.5 x 40.5 cm
Collection Musée Nicéphore Niépce, Ville de Chalon-Sur-Saône, France

Chris Killip (1946 Douglas, Isle of Man, lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts)
From the series In Flagrante, Great Britain
Torso, Pelaw, Gateshead, Tyneside, 1978, 50.4 x 39.9 cm
Jarrow, Tyneside, 1976, 43.4 x 52.7 cm
Fotografische Sammlung, Museum Folkwang, Essen

Garry Winogrand (1928 New York – 1984 Tijuana, Mexico)
From a series of photographed women in the public space
London, c.1967, 35.6 x 28.9 cm
New York, n.d., 35.6 x 28.9 cm
GalerieThomas Zander, Cologne

Laurie Anderson (1947 Glen Ellyn, Illinois, lives in New York)
Fully Automated Nikon (Object/Objection/Objectivity), 1973
New version of the work/revised by the artist, reprinted 2008, six photographs, each 31 x 38 cm, 2 text panels, each 35 x 22 cm
Courtesy the artist and Sean Kelly Gallery, New York

Richard Prince (1949 Panama Canal Zone, lives in New York)
Untitled (the same man looking in different directions), 1978
Three C-Prints, each 50.8 x 61 cm
Courtesy Gladstone Gallery, New York

Bert Stern (Bertram Stern) (1929 New York, lives in New York)
Veruschka von Lehndorff and David Bailey, New York, 1964, published in Vogue, 1 March 1965, printed 2008, 50.8 x 40.6 cm
Photograph by Bert Stern.Courtesy Staley-Wise Gallery, New York

Ron Galella (Ronald E. Galella) (1931 New York, lives in Los Angeles)
Woody Allen/Mia Farrow September 18, 1980 New York City, EXCLUSIVE – Woody Allen and Mia Farrow heading for dinner in Greenwich Village, 1980, 20 x 25 cm
Mick Jagger/Jerry Hall, January 16, 1983, Beverly Hills, CA, Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall arrive at L’Ermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, 1983, 20 x 25 cm
© Ron Galella, courtesy Galerie Wouter van Leeuwen, Amsterdam

Timm Rautert (1941 Tuchel, now Tuchola, Poland, lives in Essen)
From the series Deutsche in Uniform (Germans in Uniform), 1974
Herr Kurt Bischoff, 29 Jahre, Oberfeldwebel(Mr Kurt Bischoff, 29 Years Old, First Sergeant)
Fräulein Dorothee Oppermann, 20 Jahre, Schwesternschülerin (Miss Dorothee Oppermann, 20 Years Old, Nursing Student)
Herr Bernhard Weichselgartner, 36 Jahre, Verkehrsmeister, Kontrolleur bei der Rheinischen Bahngesellschaft AG, Düsseldorf (Mr Bernhard Weichselgartner, 36 Years Old, Traffic master, Inspector of the Rhein Course Company AG, Dusseldorf)
C-prints, printed 1990s, each 29 x 32 cm
Courtesy galerieKleindienst, Leipzig

Stefan Moses (1928 Liegnitz, now Legnica, Poland, lives in Munich)
From the series Deutsche (Germans), since 1963
Elektrodenschweisser, Bochum (Electrode Welder), 1964, printed 2008, 32.8 x 27.5 cm
Werkzeugmacher (Toolmaker), 1964, printed 2008, 32.8 x 27.5 cm
Korrosionsschutzarbeiter, Remscheid (Corrosion Worker), 1964, printed 2008, 32.8 x 27.5 cm
Fotografische Sammlung, Museum Folkwang, Essen

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Ken Ohara (1942 Tokyo, lives in Glendale, California)
One,Tsukiji Shokan Publishing Co Ltd, Tokyo, 1970, paperback with jacket, 27.5 x 22.2 cm, 500 pp, 500 b&w photographs
Fotografische Sammlung, Museum Folkwang, Essen

1 Showcase Newton

2 Showcases Moriyama

Daido Moriyama (1938 Osaka, Japan, lives in Tokyo )
Nippon Gekijo Shashincho (Japan – A Photo Theatre), Muromachi-Shobo, Tokyo 1968, 21 x 22 cm, 150 pp., 149 black and white photographs, text by Shuji Terayama
Sashin yo Sayonara (Bye Bye Photography), Shasin Hyron-sha, Tokyo 1972, 23 x18.2 cm, 308 pp., 137 black and white photographs
Karyudo (Hunter), Chuo Kolon-sha 1972, 26.5 x 22 cm, 120 pp., 104 black and white photographs
Courtesy: Antoine de Beraupré, Paris
Philippe Morane