The two artists in this room re-present source material from the contemporary media. Though both received artistic training, they worked outside of the art world too – Eulàlia Grau as a designer, Joe Tilson as a carpenter – bringing their knowledge of these disciplines to bear on their art-making.

The title of Grau’s 1972–3 series Ethnographies suggests it will illuminate a specific group’s habits. In fact it denounces Spanish society under Francisco Franco’s repressive dictatorship, in which capitalist consumption was marketed as fulfilling and liberating. Using photomontage, she combined contrasting fragments of press and advertising imagery to address issues including female sexuality, celebrity, political violence and economic inequality.

Tilson’s Pages, begun in 1969, are three-dimensional wooden grids echoing the layout of radical magazines of the period. Slotted within the grids are screenprints of articles and images, printed on pillow-like fabric blocks, sewn by Tilson’s wife Joslyn Morton.