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Hunt & Darton Café

A fully functioning cafe that blends art with the everyday, Hunt & Darton Cafe is a social and artistic hub where spontaneity and performance meet great food and drink.

Jenny Hunt and Holly Darton expose the inner workings of their business by presenting everything as art – from the food served, the people serving, the décor and public display of their bank balance to the lovingly handpicked charity shop crockery.

Hunt & Darton Cafe encourages playful participation and meaningful social encounters through its alternative service from its hosts Hunt & Darton in their iconic fruit or veggie attire, comic interaction through their ‘set menu’ performances, guest waiters and themed days such as ‘You-Do-It’ or ‘Health & Safety’ day. At Hunt & Darton Cafe we are proud to satisfy appetites in more ways than one.


Hunt & Darton are a Live Art Collaboration between Jenny Hunt and Holly Darton. We have both practiced Art since graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2003 and been working together for 8 years. Approaching Live Art from a Fine Art background we work across mediums with a sculptural approach to performance, choreographing words and movement in a sensory way and setting up alternative spaces – often creating installations to perform within. Our work derives from our shared celebrations and anxieties surrounding life choices particularly as women, in Britain, now. Our work has been described as deadpan and absurd, often collapsing into humour. We have a persistent fetish within our practice to consistently re-assess our relationship with our audience, embracing awkward moments, risk taking and constantly trying to close the gap between performer and viewer opting for a raw, underdone, conversational aesthetic.  Their work has been presented widely across the UK including The Junction, Lakeside Theatre, Norwich Arts Centre, The Basement, Battersea Arts Centre, Chapter Cardiff, Buzzcut Festival Glasgow, Tate Britain, Arnolfini and artsadmin. Hunt & Darton are associate artists at artsadmin and Cambridge Junction.


Tate Modern

London SE1 9TG
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25 July 2015 at 12.30–21.30