Tate Modern Conference

Her noise symposium

Jan Herman Vivace and Dolosoro Something Else Press Yearbook 1974

Exploring and developing emergent feminist discourses in sound and music, this symposium brings together musicians, artists, academics and writers to challenge standard readings and approaches to feminisms and the sonic.

Session 1: Situating Her Noise

Ute Meta Bauer and Fender Schrade, Lina Dzuverovic, Cathy Lane and Salomé Voegelin (Chair)
The panel will situate the Her Noise project within wider discourses of feminism and sound practices.

Session 2: Affinities, Networks and Heroines

Sonia Boyce, Emma Hedditch, Catherine Grant  and Georgina Born (Chair)
A series of contributions exploring feminist genealogies and histories from a number of perspectives, including DIY approaches to music making and distribution.

Session 3: Vocal Folds

Viv Corringham, Anne Karpf, Maggie Nicols, Cara Tolmie, Sue Tompkins
Reflections from musicians and artists who use their voice as a key medium in their practices. Introduced by sociologist and writer Anne Karpf.

Session 4: Dissonant Futures

Kaffe Matthews, Nina Power, Tara Rodgers and Anne Hilde Neset (Chair)
A panel exploring women’s varied uses and abuses of technology.

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5 May 2012 at 11.00–17.50