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Salon London

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Join Salon London at the Tate Modern this Valentine’s Day for a lateral look at love

Salon London is a London-based cultural ideas organisation. Established in 2008, they seek out bold ideas from academics, writers, and experts and present them in front of live audiences. Salon organises the Also Festival in Warwickshire and curates for festivals across the UK.

Salon London is curated by Juliet Russell and Helen Bagnall.


Emotion historian, Dr Tiffany Watt Smith will talk us through the power of Schadenfreude. Why do we enjoy the pain and failures of others so much? And why might this be the purest love of all?

Psychologist, Dr Frank Tallis will explain why love is a form of madness - the subject of his book ‘The Incurable Romantic’.

Finally, award-winning comedian, Marcel Lucont will give his advice on love, answering your innermost questions on all problems of the heart.

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All ages are welcome to attend the event. Please note there is a challenge 25 policy at our bars.

Date & Time

14 February 2019 at 19.00–23.00