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Mike Kuchar 6: Digital daydreams

Mike Kuchar, The Vernal Zone 2008, video still

Mike Kuchar, Echo’s Garden 2010, video still

Mike Kuchar, Animal 2009, video still

The special concluding screening features a selection of Mike Kuchar’s latest digital works showing the continuing vibrancy and imagination of his practice now in its sixth decade. Works continue themes from his across his practice but with a renewed emphasis on pastoral and transcendental themes. Populated with a cast of outsiders, poets and dreamers, these videos investigate a range of poetic expressions, video effects and narrative devices. Often made in collaboration with a range of young artists or performers, such as Animal 2009 that features a feverish performances of Marc Arthur to the more contemplative works such as Fallen Angeles 2013 and Echo’s Garden 2012 that address the spirit, mortality and the search for meaning in the modern world.

Presented by Mike Kuchar in person.

The Vernal Zone

Mike Kuchar, USA 2008, colour, video, 13 min

'In this summerland a path opens for Poets, Artists, ...and the 'Dreamer', Mike Kuchar

Echo's Garden

Mike Kuchar, USA 2010, colour, video, 11 min

‘Great woods, you frighten me like some cathedral's gloom, and awaken pastoral pipes on pagan heights’, Mike Kuchar


Mike Kuchar, USA 2009, colour, video, 17 min

'Masked men prowling in the bushes and not touching anything but satin, dandelions and flesh', Mike Kuchar


Mike Kuchar, USA 2013, colour, video, 12 min

‘Night was upon them when God is asleep', Mike Kuchar

Fallen Angeles

Mike Kuchar, USA 2013, colour, video, 8 min

Programme duration: 61 min

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Date & Time

1 December 2013 at 17.00–19.00