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Come on over: dinner event Food, music and conversations. Designed and hosted by Peter Liversidge

Gin Performance Towner Gallery 2011

First in the Museum Restaurant dinner series, Tate collaborates with London-based artist Peter Liversidge for this exciting public event. In line with Peter’s diverse practice, which invites the audience to question what is possible and where humour often plays a key role, this event starts with a proposal for the dinner. Guests join the artist in enjoying a menu of specially selected recipes across four generations of his family with food from loyal suppliers in Lincolnshire, Turkey, Tower Hamlets in London and Essex amongst others. Peter is closely collaborating with Tate's chefs in preparing and serving this bespoke three-course meal including home-made lemonade and mint tea.

As a guest, you are participating in a realisation of a proposal, the meal and surrounding guests. A copy of the proposal as a certificate of the piece is given to each of the guests to take home. The evening will also include a personal selection of musical tracks and shared stories from the origin of each recipe.

Every element in an exhibition of work by Peter Liversidge begins at the artist’s kitchen table with Liversidge sitting alone writing proposals on an old manual typewriter. These hand-typed pages, present an array of possible and impossible ideas for performances and artworks in almost every conceivable medium. In a sense the first realisation of every work is in Liversidge’s head, then on the page, then in the mind of the reader, and finally (perhaps) as a physical object or happening. As Liversidge has said: 'The process is also about the notion of creativity: it’s important that some of the proposals are actually realised, but no more so that the others that remain only as text on a piece of A4 paper.'

Artist’s biography

Peter Liversidge is a London-based contemporary artist known for his diverse artistic practice and use of proposals. Forthcoming solo exhibitions include: doppelgänger, Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh 2013; Proposals for Van Abbe, Van Abbemusuem, Eindhoven 2013-14 and a major commission for the Edinburgh Arts Festival 2013. Group shows include: The Spirit of Utopia, Whitechapel Gallery, London 2013; On Nature Sean Kelly Gallery, New York 2013; Santarcangelo Festival 12•13•14 Santarcangelo, Italy 2013; Word on the Street, Center for Book & Paper Arts, Chicago 2013 and Classless Society, Tang Museum, Saratoga, U.S.A. 2013–14.

Event timings

18.30 Private view of Meschac Gaba’s Museum of Contemporary African Art
19.30 Come on over – Dinner in Starr Auditorium Foyer, Level 1
22.00 Conclusion

The dinner consists of at least three courses. A vegetarian option is available. Please advise/select on booking. Menus will be available on the exhibition website shortly.



  • Salad with sourdough bread and green-press Turkish olive oil


  • Fish soup
  • Vegetarian stew


  • Lemon pudding mousse – based on Peter's Great Grandma’s recipe
  • Special homemade sloe gin – based on Peter's Great Great Grandpa’s recipe

Wine will be served with dinner

Tate Modern

Starr Cinema

London SE1 9TG
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Date & Time

22 July 2013 at 18.30–22.00

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