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Towards an avant-gardist conception of gallery education

Towards an avant-gardist conception of gallery education symposium took place at Tate Modern on Saturday 8 December 10.30–16.30. This was part of In Site of Conversation exhibition and programme of live actions, workshops and performances designed to share and celebrate the culmination of a two year artist’s research project. The symposium explored the potential for gallery education to assume a more central role in the production of art which is experimental, institutionally transformative, and an affective part of everyday life.

Situated within and beside In Site of Conversation, the day explored some of the tensions and commonalities which have surfaced during the two-year research process, and considered the wider implications of the relationships between schools, galleries and artists. Further contributors included Dean Kenning (Artist), Anna Cutler (Director of Learning at Tate), Pat Thompson (Professor of Education at Nottingham University), Andrew Cooper (Director of Portman Gallery at Morpeth School), Jo Addison (Artist) and Natasha Kidd (Artist). In addition artist Harold Offeh, students and artist-teacher Henry Ward from Welling School presented the third iteration of their Live Art Salon, a performative conversation staged around the dinner table.

Towards an avant-gardist conception of gallery education symposium was curated by Dean Kenning in collaboration with Schools and Teachers, Tate Learning.

Tate Modern

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Date & Time

8 December 2012 at 10.30–17.00

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