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BMW Tate Live: Amalia Pica Strangers

Amalia Pica, Strangers, performance

Amalia Pica Strangers, performance. Image courtesy of Herald St, London Photographer: Polly Braden

Experience a performance between strangers

Amalia Pica’s Strangers 2008 is performed by two people who have never met before. They stand ten metres apart, connected by a single string of brightly coloured paper bunting.

The work dramatises the effort inherent in communication between two strangers. At once linked together yet also detached, they are positioned at a distance that allows for conversation whilst also establishing separation.

Strangers dramatises the simple interaction in any communication between sender and receiver. A visual exploration of language and communication, the work simultaneously underscores our dependency on the material object.   

Performed by:

Adrien Bihorel, Amelia Clarkson, Andrea Toro, Anthony Manning, Belén González, Berry Patten, Ching-Fang Chien, Gerry King, Chloe Kountouridou, Christina Mitrentse, Daniel Kramb, Hannah Williams, Jacob Woods, Jasmine Pajdak, Joyce Lee, Kaivakya Brewerton, Kat Buchanan, Karla Ptacek, Kelechi Anucha, Meghan Thom, Nik Wakefield, Sara Ayres, Sidney Smith, Valerie McNulty, Vi Boonmak and Tim Heath.

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This performance is part of the opening weekend for the new Tate Modern, brought to you by Uniqlo.

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17 June – 3 July 2016 at 10.00–18.00

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