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Future Late

A large group of people enjoying a festival in the Turbine Hall

Turbine Festival, 2015 © Diana Agunbiade-Kolawole

Come and experience the future

Photograph of the Turbine Hall

Future Late 2016 © Dan Weill

TV screens displaying submissions for open call

What is the Future of Art? Open call with over 500 submissions © Lily Bonesso

Radar Radio at Future Late 2016 © QED Productions Ltd

Radar Radio at Future Late 2016 © QED Productions Ltd

People wearing Malevich-inspired costumes

Tate Modern Opening Weekend: Future Late with artist-led workshops

An illustration of lots of people

Tate Modern Opening Weekend: Future Late with Jean Julien

Benedict Drew

Tate Modern Opening Weekend: Future Late with Benedict Drew

Shapes that form a sculpture

Isabel + Helen, The Noise Makers 2015

How can data and science sit alongside paper cut-outs and handmade sculptures? We’ve imagined a landscape where digital technology meets lo-fi materials, where you can explore hands-on exciting installations and interact with artists to produce something that leaves your own individual mark on the new Tate Modern. 

Join us, bring your friends for the chance to see what our vision for the future holds, all curated exclusively by 15–25 year olds from Tate Collective London.

The future is diverse

Have your portrait taken by photographer Ronan Mckenzie and take part in her attempt to capture what she loves about London the most- the diverse and multi-cultural nature of the city. 

Where do you come from? Where do you call home? Tell us. It’s your chance to make your mark here by leaving your portrait on a large scale map. Plot yourself, and watch as a communal snapshot of London grows over the course of the evening. 

The future is multi-media

‘The present and immediate future is a scream of frustration, whilst the speculative future is an ecstatic chant.’ Experience an installation representing these thoughts and musings from artist Benedict Drew

Navigate the alternative future and enjoy the atmosphere created in this immersive installation that crosses various disciplines from video and performance to sound. 

The future is alternative

Known for his clever characterisation and witty illustrations, join Jean Jullien as he creates a paper crowd from you – our visitors – throughout the night. 

Get involved by having your own one-to-one physical portrait drawn and watch as people turn to paper throughout the evening.

The future is audio visual

Live broadcast showcasing the future of UK music with a line-up of producers, DJs and performers selected by Radar Radio for their ground-breaking sounds, featuring Marshal Darling, Hungover Jams with Jade Avia, Bobii Lewis and Miraa May, BBC AZN NETWORKJACK DAT B2B Alia Loren, Jammz and special guest, Snoochie Shy, Martha and Grade10.  

Sit back and listen to a range of musical genres accompanied by a mix of visual delights by students from Ravensbourne University, resident Radar Radio artist Leo Thomson (Mungo) and submitted by the public through our open call for submission: What is the Future of Art?

The future is data driven

 Interact with This Is Where We Are, a dynamic sculpture made from data created by i-DAT and Tate Collective London. Watch and listen as the asculpture gets hacked with visuals and electronic music by digital artist Adam John Williams.  

The future is playful

Design duo Isabel + Helen have been inspired by the new Tate Modern displays. See how they have interpreted artworks, transforming static paintings into kinetic, wiggling sculptures made to delight and entertain. Set design has never been so exciting.

Open call: Future

What is the future of art?
© Lily Bonesso

© Lily Bonesso

© Lily Bonesso

© Lily Bonesso

© Lily Bonesso

© Lily Bonesso

Uniqlo store window with submissions of young peoples artwork

© Uniqlo

Uniqlo store with submissions of young peoples artwork

© Uniqlo

Uniqlo store window with submissions of young peoples artwork

© Uniqlo

In celebration of the new Tate Modern, we invited young people aged 15–25 to submit their own original artwork relating to the theme of future. Learning from the past and looking at the present, we asked 'what is the future of art and creativity?'

The submissions could include anything from graphic design, photography, video, animation or moving image to documented performance, illustration, paintings, print, pattern, sculptures or installation.

Over 500 submissions were shown at the opening weekend of the new Tate Modern from 17–19 June 2016. Alongside this, our friends Uniqlo selected artworks to feature in a series of displays at their flagship store on Oxford Street and nine others across London.

Future Late is part of Circuit, led by Tate and funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

This event is part of the opening weekend for the new Tate Modern, brought to you by Uniqlo.

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