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How to Change the World, Turbine Festival 2015 © Diana Agunbiade-Kolawole

Looking for an alternative way to exhibit art? Find out about creating your own gallery

Fully booked for advance bookings. A small number of tickets will be available from the Switch House Level 5 on the day, first come, first served.

Hear first-hand from emerging artists, curators and influencers to learn about ‘do it yourself’ attitudes towards making it in the creative industries.

Join New York based Artist-Curator Grace Miceli from Art Baby Gallery and London based creatives Alberto Duman and Sophie Mason from Dig Collective as they discuss how they have broken away from using traditional gallery spaces and created their own platforms both digitally and offline.

About the speakers:

Art Baby Gallery is an inclusive site that celebrates multimedia artists who are at the start of their career through monthly solo-exhibitions. 43 artists are currently part of the collective. Dig Collective was born in June 2014, when four artists dug an eight square metre hole in the five-hundred year old garden of a property in Hackney slated for demolition. Hear about the advantages of being part of an artist collective and be inspired to create your own platforms.

Future Talks are curated by young people from Tate Collective London for their peers. 

Future Talks are part of Circuit, led by Tate and funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

The talk takes place in Tate Exchange, Level 5, Switch House.

This event is part of the opening weekend for the new Tate Modern, brought to you by Uniqlo.

Three people in a hole in the groud

© Dig Collective

Portrait of a girl

Grace Miceli of Art Baby Gallery © Art Baby Gallery

A man in a hole in the ground

© Dig Collective

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© Art Baby Gallery

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17 June 2016 at 13.30–14.30

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