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BMW Tate Live: Roman Ondák Good Feelings in Good Times

Roman Ondak, ‘Good Feelings in Good Times’ 2003
Roman Ondak, Good Feelings in Good Times 2003. Tate. © Roman Ondak

A chance to see the first performance work to enter the Tate collection

Roman Ondák’s Good Feelings in Good Times 2003 is an artificially created queue performed by a small group of participants. Though it may not be instantly recognisable as an artwork when it is in the gallery, within a forty-minute period, the queue will form, dissolve and form again a few times, with the participants behaving inconspicuously and as naturally as possible. 

Inspired by Ondák’s memories of the communist-era long queues outside grocery shops in his native Slovakia, Good Feelings in Good Times takes on different meanings when it is transferred to a museum space, presenting an anti-spectacular situation.  In 2004 the work was acquired by Tate and became the first live performance to enter the permanent collection.

I became interested in the phenomenon of the queue because it is very unstable, but on the other hand it shows a very strong sense of participation … even if you are not queuing, you are participating as you are facing your memories of queues in the past. 

Roman Ondák  

Performed by:

Adam Castle, Adrien Bihorel, Amelia Clarkson, Andrea Toro, Aneirin George, Anthony Manning, Belén González, Berry Patten, Ching-Fang Chien, Chloe Kountouridou, Christina Mitrentse, Daniel Kramb, Elizabeth Kane, Fiona Yates, Gerry King, Hannah Williams, Jacob Woods, Jasmine Pajdak, Joyce Lee, Kaivalya Brewerton, Karla Ptacek, Kat Buchanan, Kelechi Anucha, Megan Clifton, Meghan Thom, Michael Hampton, Nik Wakefield, Sara Ayres, Sidney Smith, Valerie McNulty, Vi Boonmak and Tim Heath.

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