Tate Modern Digital

This Is Where We Are

Interact with a data-driven digital sculpture

This Is Where We Are is an immersive sculptural space exploring art, technology, sound and image, driven by the data we all generate. Come and contribute to this collective, dynamic digital artwork created by i-DAT working with Tate Collective London.

The artwork will explore:

  • Behavioural data: Movement, touch, voice and heartbeat. Sensors will capture these very human aspects of being in the space together
  • Social media data: Hashtags will help collect the ideas and sentiments of both present and distant audiences
  • Environmental data: creating a 3D virtual environment from the architect’s design of the new Tate Modern building

Taking over the North East corner of Level 5, this evolving piece will immerse people in the experience, inviting them to contribute so they understand the data they’ve added, the interaction they’ve made and the collective, dynamic artwork we’re creating over the opening weekend.

This piece is part of the opening weekend for the new Tate Modern, brought to you by Uniqlo.

Tate Modern

London SE1 9TG
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17–19 June 2016

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