Hadrian Pigott Rifiuti 2005 Video

Hadrian Pigott
Rifiuti 2005
© Hadrian Pigott

The video Rifiuti 2005, is mesmeric, kaleidoscopic, hypnotic and relaxing. We can enjoy the constant dance of these objects as if they had a life and intent of their own. The images of the bottles and footballs are vibrant and positive, but nagging questions occur too.The video describes a modern phenomena of plastic detritus cast adrift by the inhabitants of Rome into a weir with a strong backwash that traps all the objects.This phenomena was observed on the River Tiber’s journey through the city. Jars, bottles, blocks of polystyrene, footballs and bottle tops dance and jostle in a ceaseless self-cleansing turmoil, a turbulent but rich tide of colour and form.