Partou Zia The Burning Bush 2006 Oil on canvas

Partou Zia
The Burning Bush 2006
Oil on canvas
152 x 183 cm
Private collection, © the Artist

Partou Zia has lived and worked in Cornwall since 1993. Iranian by birth, her sensibilities have been influenced by the icons of that culture, in particular exquisitely illustrated manuscripts, historical paintings and the traditional forms used in Persian textiles. As a poet-painter who works intuitively to keep her paintings open to chance and coincidence, her subject matter has moved between interiors, the still life and – more recently – a narrative exploring love and death through lovers’ experiencing happiness, fear and tenderness in their lives.Highly skilful in the manipulation of the material qualities of paint, her subtle tones and gentle colour also echo the ancient landscapes of Cornwall and Wales.

Partou Zia was Artist in Residence at Tate St Ives, 2003-4