Allen Ruppersberg The Never Ending Book, 2007

Allen Ruppersberg The Never Ending Book 2007 
Tate © Allen Ruppersberg Exhibition views Art 38 Basel 2007 

Allen Ruppersberg, born 1944, USA

Allen Ruppersberg is an American artist who emerged in the late 1960s. His work includes paintings, prints, photographs, sculptures, installations, and books.

Much of Ruppersberg’s production is based on ideas of multiplicity and the creation of multiples arising from the existence of an original design or idea. The Never Ending Book 2007, consists of a collection of thousands of digitally copied images from the artist’s own library. The pages are stacked and arranged within a theatrical stage set of multi-coloured props. Visitors are invited to choose six pages, assembling their own ‘book’ to take home. The work is emblematic of his entire practice which often situates the book, and more generally, narrative, as something capable of spatial composition and aesthetic abstraction.