Bojan Šarčević  The Breath-Taker is the Breath-Giver film C 2008

Bojan Šarčević
The Breath-Taker is the Breath-Giver (film C) 2008
Film still
© Bojan Šarčević

The work of Bojan Šarčević (b.1974) blurs the boundaries of sculpture, architecture and film. He re-examines the ideals and styles of Modernism, in particular rethinking the significance of abstraction today. His arrangements of forms in space – cinematic or actual – are enigmatic and beautiful, but they often allude to contemporary debates on human displacement and political fracture.

The two ‘sculpture films’ shown in this exhibition are from a series called The Breath-Taker is the Breath-Giver, made in 2009. Šarčević uses the characteristics of film – celluloid, light and sound – to explore how sculpture can be enhanced or altered with the addition of movement, changing perspective and music.

The artist takes us into his constructed environments by using traditional, cinematic devices such as establishing shots, dissolving focus, ‘tracking’ and ‘panning’. His view is particular, obsessive and disjointed, with its series of changing angles and altered frames. Surface, texture, volume, weight and space are carefully considered and contrasted. As in Bove’s work, there is a play of perspective and scale. But the wider landscape of these timeless worlds is barely revealed and the accompanying folk music by Turkish composer Ulas Ozdemir, heightens the unfolding drama and gives an air of ‘foreignness’ to his fictional places.

Installed in the gallery space in constructivist-style perspex pavilions, the rhythmically whirring film projectors become an important feature. They emphasise both the material qualities of film and the immaterial nature of its sound and imagery. Šarčević sets up a continual interplay between physical and imagined spaces, image and object, the fixed and the fleeting.