Top 5

Top 5 Cats

From curious kittens to wild cats, our feline friends are a favourite subject matter for many artists

1. Thoughtful cat

Helen Beatrix Potter, ‘Simpkin at the Tailor’s Bedside’ c.1902
Helen Beatrix Potter
Simpkin at the Tailor’s Bedside c.1902

This well-trained cat Simpkin has brought a cup of tea to the bedside of the Tailor who isn't feeling very well.

2. Cats and lobsters

John Craxton, ‘Still Life with Cat and Child’ 1959
John Craxton
Still Life with Cat and Child 1959
© John Craxton

A cat jumps up to the dining table for a lobster lunch!

3. Comfy cat

Gwen John, ‘Cat’ c.1904–8
Gwen John
Cat c.1904–8

The artist, Gwen John loved her cats. This one is a tortoiseshell named Edgar Quinet. Nice name. What's your favourite name for a cat?

4. Feline friend

John Russell, ‘Boy and Cat’ 1791
John Russell
Boy and Cat 1791

A boy and his cat. This painting is over 200 years old!

5. Wild thing

Dame Elisabeth Frink, ‘Wild Cat’ 1970
Dame Elisabeth Frink
Wild Cat 1970
© Frink Estate

Alert and ready, this wild cat was made by British artist Elisabeth Frink.

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