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Further Information

If you enjoyed this introduction to Bloomsbury and would like to do some further research of your own, you may find the following resources useful:

  • See the collections area of Tate's website to find out about works in Tate's Collection by Vanessa Bell, Roger Fry and Duncan Grant.

  • To find out more about Charleston, Vanessa Bell's house in Sussex that she shared with Duncan Grant, see
Selected publications
  • Quentin Bell, Charleston Past and Present, London, 1987

  • Regina Marler (ed.), Selected Letters of Vanessa Bell, New York / Toronto, 1993

  • Alan & Veronica Palmer, Who's Who in Bloomsbury, Brighton, 1987

  • Richard Shone, Bloomsbury Portraits, Oxford, 1976

  • Frances Spalding, Roger Fry, Art and Life, London, 1980

  • Frances Spalding, Vanessa Bell, London, 1983

  • Frances Spalding, Duncan Grant, London, 1997

  • Denys Sutton (ed.), Letters of Roger Fry, London, 1972

  • Douglas Blair Turnbough, Duncan Grant and The Bloomsbury Group, New Jersey / Ontario, 1987